About RCZI

The Roadmap to Combat Zoonoses in India’s (RCZI) mission is to identify specific outcomes that can be integrated into mainstream systems through innovative approaches that can help combat, prevent, and control zoonotic infections. It aims to do this by:

  • Integrating research and training by experts in the field of human, animal, and vector-borne illnesses
  • Identifying partners and developing mechanisms and resources for multisectoral collaboration and initiatives
  • Encouraging advocacy and communication strategies to raise awareness amongst different stakeholders involved in zoonotic infections transmission, prevention, and control
  • Conducting research and capacity-building priorities focused on the ‘One Health’ concept (linking all sectors ranging from human health to animal, wildlife, social and environmental sectors)

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PHFI's Mandate

  • Promote and further develop prevention and control of zoonoses through support for collaborative programmes with national and international organisations.
  • Build capacities and research initiatives to strengthen India’s current zoonoses workforce.
  • Strengthen the Roadmap for Combating Zoonoses in India (RCZI) through a systems-based collaborative approach that can help bring the best of multiple sectors (human, veterinary, and wildlife) in controlling and preventing zoonotic infections.