Conceptual framework for one Health Research

In a recent article published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Richard Coker and others describe the importance, contours and scope of one health research frameworks. The paper begins with a concise summary of the developments in the agriculture sector associated with increased significance of emerging infections and zoonoses. The paper then goes on to outline key systemic challenges that resulted in the global neglect of zoonotic diseases illustrated by a set of three case studies. The authors use program theory approach to develop a conceptual framework that can help guide health policy and systems research relating to one health issues. The salient feature of this framework is that it affords equal weightage to animal, wildlife and human reservoirs. Globally, the discussions on one health have started moving from abstract notions on the scope and boundaries of one health towards exploring newer ways for operationalizing the concept of one health. This is a welcome development and one which should stimulate further discussions.

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