1st International One Health Congress

After having moved past the discussions relating to the semantics and disciplinary boundaries on ‘one health’ concept, more than 650 one health proponents from all over the world assembled together for the 1stInternationalOne Health Congress from 14-16 February, 2011 at Melbourne, Australia. The discussions were organized over a
three day period focussing on the following four themes: Disease Emergence; Environmental Drivers; Trade, Food Security and Food Safety and Science Policy and Political Action.

A range of innovative approaches for early detection and systems to control emerging infections at the human-animal interface were discussed. The importance of working collaboratively in the face of complex challenges from across sectors was discussed. Individual presentations demonstrated the links between climate change, rainfall, agricultural practices and population movements on population health. The importance of community participation and the use of technological platforms such as remote sensing and GIS in preparation and validation of predictive models was emphasised. Existing multi country and national platforms using one health approaches were highlighted on the last day. Notable examples were, USDA One Health Multi-Agency Coordination Group of USA and one health agenda in Canada. Examples of regional collaboration included OHASA in South Asia, EPIZONE in Europe and IEE in Sweden.

A presentation was made updating participants on the Stone Mountain meetings organized in 2010 by USDA and the CDC. There was also discussion regarding formation of a One Health Society or network to plan the next series of activities. More information on this and the presentations from the Congress are available at the conference, website .